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Women Make Music Grant Scheme

The aims of Women Make Music are:

Women Make Music supports the development of outstanding women songwriters and composers of all genres and backgrounds at different stages of their career. The fund can support projects by women songwriters, composers, artists, bands and performers who are writing their own music.

Please note that we no longer support organisations through Women Make Music. If you came to this page looking for funding as an organisation to commission a woman music creator for an upcoming project, please apply to the Open Fund for Organisations, where projects involving a diverse range of music creators will be looked on favourably.

The next deadline is 1st October.

The 2019 deadlines are:

Round/Deadline Stage 1 Deadline Stage 2 Deadline Decisions Sent (Activity Must Take Place After This Date)
Deadline 1 February 4th March 12th/14th May 3rd
Deadline 2 June 10th July 22nd Sep 6th
Deadline 3 October 1st November 5th December 16th

All applications must be submitted by 6pm on the day of the deadline.


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