Tampon Tax Fund - Funding for music projects for disadvantaged girls

About the fund

The Tampon Tax Fund allocates funds generated from the VAT on sanitary products to projects to improve the lives of disadvantaged women and girls.


Application Details

Send your completed application to ttf@culture.gov.uk.


Under this category we will consider applications for projects that will improve the lives of vulnerable,
disadvantaged or underrepresented women and girls through the use of music. All proposals that evidence
a clear need for, and offer activities based around music to address issues affecting vulnerable,
underprivileged or underrepresented women and girls in the United Kingdom will be considered.

In this category, we will favour proposals that:
● use music to promote better mental health and wellbeing for individuals
● provide access to instruments and equipment and space for vulnerable, disadvantaged
or underrepresented women and girls for free or for minimal cost
● offer community based provision of musical groups/choirs
● promote better mental health for female artists/musicians in the workplace
● offer new innovations and technological solutions which enable disabled women and
girls the opportunity to participate in making music
● provide alternative pathways to careers in the music industry for underrepresented
women and girls
● use music as therapy

In this category, we will particularly welcome proposals which involve collaborations between music
sector organisations and organisations working to address the needs of women with multiple
disadvantages and complex needs where mainstream provision is not always appropriate
This fund is aimed specifically at women and girls. Therefore we will not be able to fund projects which
focus on children generally or take a whole community approach.


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