Young Music Leaders

Development of young music leaders

Many young people undertake leadership roles in music activities, both in and out of school and even the Hub's own Youth Orchestra has been conducted by a young person for the last 3 years.  Recognising the important role these young leaders play in musical learning and also how leadership can contribute to the personal development of young people, we have worked with a number of partners to develop training programmes for young people who are interested in taking their music leadership roles further:

Young music leader programme - developed in conjunction with Cymaz Music and Ben Ballard.

Young vocal leader programme - developed in conjunction with Ula Weber

New for September 2017: Young conductors programme  

A new programme created in conjunction with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Leading Music - an introduction to conducting, is a course for up to 8 young people aged 15 -18.  The programme will be delivered over 6 3 hour workshops led by BSO Associate, Patrick Bailey, in Truro.  Participants should be a minimum of Grade 6 on their instrument.  Students interesting in registering for the programme should submit a letter of recommendation provided by their music or instrumental teacher or ensemble director to the Hub office - 

Young Music Leaders - Best practice research

We recently commissioned research in this area to identify examples of best practice and to help us create and roll out our programme to support young music leaders

Key findings of the research

1) Many opportunities for young leaders already exist but there is currently no formal structure or scheme in place whereby young people can be accredited or work towards common goals and outcomes.

2) There is a need to link to existing recognised accreditation such as Arts Award and Duke of Edinburgh to ensure the scheme has currency.

3) Young Music Leaders could help foster links between primary and secondary schools and could increase the Hub's engagement in cold spots and with schools not currently engaging.

4) The previous Young Singing Leaders project  was very successful and could be built upon to form the vocal element of the programme.

5) The skills invaluable to any young music leader can be translated into a training framework which will ensure consistency.

6) By developing a programme that ties up, repackages and re-brands what already exists, we can gradually build a Cornwall-wide body of young music promoters and improve ‘signposting’ activity.

Young Leadership Research Report - November 2014

Young Leadership - Consultation Report and framework - January 2016


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