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Who is the Cornwall Music Education Hub?

Music Education Hubs are groups of organisations – such as local authorities, schools, other hubs, art organisations, community or voluntary organisations – working together to create joined-up music education provision, respond to local need and fulfil the objectives of the Hub as set out in the National Plan for Music Education.  There are 120 Music Education Hubs across England and were launched in 2012. 

In Cornwall, the Music Hub partnership is led by Cornwall Council and we work with a range of music and arts organisations, both local and national. We work together to support and promote quality musical learning for all children and young people in Cornwall. We are funded by the Department for Education through Arts Council England.  The Cornwall Music Education Hub leads on the strategic development of Music Education in Cornwall.  

Further information about Music Education Hubs can be found on the Arts Council England website

Our Vision

To celebrate and grow Cornwall’s rich music legacy by shaping an inclusive and dynamic culture which inspires learning, creates inspirational performance opportunities and supports every child and young person to achieve their musical potential.

Our Values

We recognise that music takes place everywhere – both informal and formal venues from youth centres to garages, school practice rooms to village halls.

Our Aims

The Cornwall Music Education Hub partnership has worked together to draw up and agree a set of aims for our Hub.  These aims shape the planning of all of our activity and are as follows:

  1. To ensure that all children and young people have the chance to learn, enjoy and appreciate a wide range of music making opportunities.
  2. To develop children and young people’s broader learning and skills development through music making.
  3. To ensure that all children and young people have access to high quality information, advice and guidance about progression opportunities.
  4. To support children and young people in playing an active role in the musical culture in Cornwall.
  5. To continue to build the skills and expertise of a music education workforce across Cornwall.
  6. To develop and secure partnerships which will ensure a high quality, broad and inclusive offer to children and young people.
  7. To improve equality of access to instruments, music making and performing opportunities regardless of background or circumstance.
  8. To provide a robust, sustainable, vibrant and cohesive music education plan for Cornwall.



The CMEH receives funding from the Department for Education, via Arts Council England.  The funding is in place until March 2020.  Funding is released on a quarterly basis upon the submission of satisfactory delivery data and financial information to the Arts Council.

In addition, the CMEH works with partners to co-fund projects and also to apply for external funding for specific projects.  Successful joint bids over the last 2 years alone resulted in excess of £2m  of funding for local projects and we are continuing to work with our partners to identify new funding opportunities.  A number of activities also generate income from ticket sales and membership/delegates fees.

The CMEH also holds the Hub funding for delivery on the Isles of Scilly.


The Cornwall Music Education Hub is proud to be working in partnership with schools and settings on their Artsmark Award journey. By supporting Artsmark settings, we’re helping put the arts at the
heart of education, inspiring young people to create, experience and participate in high quality arts and culture.

Find out more about Artsmark at www.artsmark.org.uk

To find out how the Hub can support your Artsmark journey, contact CMEH@cornwall.gov.uk 

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